Killer Deals 1-3 PDF Author: Jenna Bennett
Publisher: Magpie Ink
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 900

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Book Description
Collection of the first three USA Today bestselling Savannah Martin mysteries. "The hilarious dialog and the tension between Savannah and Rafe will delight fans of chick-lit mysteries and romantic suspense." Jo Ann Vicarel, Library Journal Savannah Martin has always been a good girl, doing what was expected and fully expecting life to fall into place in its turn. But when her perfect husband turns out to be a lying, cheating slimeball, Savannah kicks him to the curb and embarks on life on her own terms. With a new apartment, a new career, and a brand new outlook on life, she’s all set to take the world by storm. If only the world would stop throwing her curveballs... A CUTTHROAT BUSINESS - #1 Everyone has warned new-minted realtor Savannah Martin that real estate is a cutthroat business. But Savannah doesn’t think she’s supposed to take the warning literally ... until an early morning phone call sends her to an empty house on the ‘bad’ side of town, where she finds herself standing over the butchered body of a competitor, face to face with the boy her mother always warned her about. Rafe Collier is six feet three inches of testosterone and trouble; tall, dark, and dangerous, with a murky past and no future—not the kind of guy a perfect Southern Belle should want to tangle with. In any way. But wherever Savannah turns, there he is, and making no bones about what he wants from her. Now Savannah must figure out who killed real estate queen Brenda Puckett, make a success of her new career, and avoid getting killed—or kissed—by Rafe, all before the money in her savings account runs out and she has to go back to selling make-up at the mall. HOT PROPERTY - #2 When Savannah Martin’s fellow Realtor and friend Lila Vaughn is robbed during an open house, Savannah rushes to the rescue with tea and sympathy, or at least a really good lunch and a shoulder to cry on. However, Lila seems more peeved than distraught, and her main gripe is that the sexy robber who tied her to a kitchen chair—for her own good—didn’t follow her suggestion to tie her to the bed instead. Lila’s description of the man fits Savannah’s old school-mate Rafael Collier to a T. Rafe has recently turned up in Savannah’s life again, and he isn’t above doing a little breaking and entering. Metro Nashville Homicide Detective Tamara Grimaldi is of the same opinion, and when Lila turns up dead, tied to her bed and strangled, Rafe becomes a suspect. Now Savannah must get busy finding the real murderer before Detective Grimaldi can arrest the wrong man. CONTRACT PENDING - #3 Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they say, and Realtor Savannah Martin is certainly learning the truth of that statement. It’s been a month and a half since Rafael Collier left town, after the robbery ring he was part of got broken up by the police, and although Savannah knows it would be hideously inappropriate—not to mention supremely stupid—to miss him, she wishes he’d come back soon. His grandmother’s ailing, the nurse he hired to take care of her has disappeared, and somebody is watching the house and following Savannah as she goes about the business of bringing her first real estate transaction to a close. But when Rafe comes back, things only go from bad to worse. Resident nurse Marquita Johnson is found murdered, and Metro Nashville Homicide Detective Tamara Grimaldi is asked to handle the case. It doesn’t take long for her to focus her interest, once again, on Rafe. As Savannah finally learns the truth about him, she finds herself in the path of a killer more ruthless than any she has encountered yet, a killer who won’t be swayed from his purpose and who isn’t too particular whom he has to go through to get to Rafe. Now Savannah has to make the choice between staying safe by accepting Todd Satterfield’s proposal, or taking a chance on losing her heart and her life by trying to help Rafe, as the term ‘contract pending’ takes on a whole new meaning. Books in the Savannah Martin mystery series: A Cutthroat Business Hot Property Contract Pending Close to Home A Done Deal Contingent on Approval (novella) Change of Heart Kickout Clause Past Due Dirty Deeds Unfinished Business Busman’s Honeymoon (novella) Adverse Possession Uncertain Terms Scared Money Bad Debt Home Stretch Home Run (novella) Wrongful Termination Conflict of Interest Right of Redemption Collateral Damage Survival Clause Keywords related to this romantic mystery series: mystery books, romance mystery, romantic mystery, romantic suspense, single women books, popular series, cheap cozy mystery, top rated books, series starters, cheap books to read and download, books, romance books, romantic comedy books, cozy mysteries, Savannah Martin, Rafe Collier, southern humor, mysteries set in the south, mysteries set in Nashville, mysteries set in Tennessee, real estate mysteries, murder mysteries, long series, long mystery series, funny mystery series, funny cozy series, long cozy series, bestselling author, bestselling series, bestselling box set, bestselling boxed set, bestselling bundle, USA Today bestseller, USA Today bestselling books, discounted boxed set, deals in books, good deal, half price, 50% off Fans of the following have been known to enjoy this romantic mystery series: Jennie Bentley Janet Evanovich Jana DeLeon J.D. 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