Truespel Book Two: Phonetic Dictionary of USA English PDF Author: Thomas E. Zurinskas
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1463457782
Category : Education
Languages : en
Pages : 343

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Book Description
Truespel Book Two is a reference book for finding the traditional spelling of a word by looking up the phonetic spelling as written in truespel. It solves the problem of looking up words beginning with silent letters by looking up the sounds themselves. Truespel is the first “pronunciation guide spelling” system, based on USA English. It is designed to replace the pronunciation guides in our dictionaries with a new standard keyboard ready phonetic spelling. USA English is now respelled in truespel, allowing great new capabilities. Truespel Book One: Analysis of the Sounds (Phonemes) of USA English ( utilizes the database to show the frequency of phoneme usage and the frequency of the various ways of spelling the 40 phonemes of USA English. A converter from traditional spelling to truespel is located at Tutorials on truespel can be found in Books One and Two and at A discussion group is at