Akhenaten PDF Author: Ted Kramer
Publisher: FriesenPress
ISBN: 1525500090
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 133

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Book Description
This book is a historical novel. It combines historical records with likely, but also speculative events and ideas, such as beliefs, love, family relations, leadership qualities or lack thereof, beliefs, conjugal and family ties among Egyptian royalty, religion and religious upheaval, and a unique, revolutionary departure from traditional Egyptian religion, from polytheism to monotheism and finally the murder of a pharaoh. The worship of light and its permanence through all subsequent civilizations was historically introduced by Akhenaten, and is visually presented to the reader. The story happened at a crucial time when Egypt expanded its intellectual as well as commercial ties throughout what we now call the Middle East. It was at a time when the presence of Hebrews in Egypt was documented and when the Moses’ story and the Exodus presumably occurred. Some credence is given to the Bible, to Sigmund Freud’s book ‘Moses and Monotheism’, to the the two Jewish theologian brothers Massoud at the University of Montpelier in France, and to Ahmed Osman, an Egyptian archaeologist in England. All this is interwoven with the authors’ own ideas. The primary goal of the author was not to convince the reader of the truth of the story, but to develop an interesting and credible story. The secondary goal was to advance the notion that light—particularly sunlight—is not just a physical phenomenon but the principal radiation and tradition on our planet, the source of life and the object of worship not just for Akhenaten but to many other religions primarily Christianity and the Enlightenment in France and in nascent America.