The Bluejacket's Manual, 25th Edition PDF Author: Thomas J. Cutler
ISBN: 9781612519746
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Languages : en
Pages : 672

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Book Description
For well over a century, this venerable book has been a mandatory part of every Sailor's sea bag. When it first appeared in 1902, there were instructions on rowing and sailing, "sighting telescopes," and "wig-wag" code, all subjects of importance to the Bluejackets of the day. This new edition reflects technologies, cultural attitudes, and terminology that would be foreign to those turn-of-the century Sailors, but the relevance of this long-standing reference and instructional guide remains. Written by a Sailor whose service included sea duty in patrol craft, destroyers, cruisers, and aircraft carriers as both an officer and a "white hat," this newest edition has been overhauled once again to reflect the current state of the ever-evolving U.S. Navy, including changes in uniforms, ratings, ships, aircraft, and personal policies, among many others. Primarily intended to serve Sailors (from seamen to admirals), this book has long been used by potential recruits, Navy buffs, and a cadre of dedicated collectors.