Sicilian Food PDF Author: Mary Taylor Simeti
Publisher: Grub Street Publishers
ISBN: 1908117915
Category : Cooking
Languages : en
Pages : 352

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Book Description
The definitive guide to Sicilian cooking filled with authentic, hard-to-find recipes from this sun-drenched island. Gleaned from the author’s friends, family, and acquaintances on the island of Sicily, Sicilian Food is a delicious journey through the food, traditions, and recipes of this corner of the world. Mary Taylor Simeti, an American who married a Sicilian, set out to discover the food of her husband firsthand. She haunted former convents and palaces where Palermo’s libraries have been maintained. She tested each ancient recipe herself and updated the methods, providing clear and easy-to-follow directions. The book reflects the unique culture of Sicily, both the external influences of a series of conquerors and the domestic changes brought about by peasant, clergy, and aristocrat alike. There are recipes using the vegetable abundance of the Sicilian landscape, recipes for ice cream or granita, and recipes with names like Virgins’ Breasts and Chancellor’s Buttocks. Rich with history, the book draws from Sicilian archives and museums and quotes from Homer, Plato, Apicius, Lampedusa, and Pirandello—offering not only a culinary adventure but also an experience that feels like traveling to Sicily.