Mind Your Thoughts, Activate Your Healing PDF Author: Rev. Linda Ruth Greene
Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1645590887
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 90

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Book Description
Why is it that in today's society, with all the modern advancements in medicine, we as a species seem to be getting sicker and sicker? Diseases such as cancer are more prevalent today than they were in 1950. Is it because our medical science is somehow failing us? Is it that today's doctors treat symptoms rather than finding the root of the problem that caused the illness in the first place? Our minds work according to the law of belief, which states, "Whatever you believe and feel to be true long enough will become your reality. It means that whatever you subconsciously feel to be true in your inner world (thoughts) long enough, will always show up in your outer world (experience)." The Mind Can Heal and the Mind Can Age explores the premise that our minds are the true culprit. Areas to be explored: - How you create your own reality and healing with your thoughts, words, and actions. - How the mind and the mental state a person is in dictates the state of the physical body. - How attitude and self-talk play a huge role in the aging process. - How "The Law of Attraction" effects your health both negatively and positively. - How stress affects your health as well as the process. "If anyone say's to this mountain, 'Be lifted from your place and hurled into the sea,' and has no inward doubts, but believes that what he says is happening, it will be done for him. I tell you then, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours" (Mark 11:23-24).