Mind Your Karma, Mend Your Life PDF Author:
Publisher: Jain Publishing Company
ISBN: 0875731163
Category : Religion
Languages : en
Pages : 138

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Book Description
A great saint and a remarkable poet, Muni Kshamasagar had such self-awareness and dedication that he analyzed his own spiritual journey in its minutest detail. Born in an affluent Jain family, and growing up to become a technologist, Virendra Kumar (Muni Kshamasagar’s birth name), decided to give up all worldly pleasures and material belongings, and became a renunciate at a relatively young age of only twenty-three! He attained sainthood with the blessings of his guru at the age of twenty-five. Exceptionally well read and a deep thinker, he kept a strict disciplined approach in his own life, yet always expressed extreme care and compassion toward others. His knowledge, approachability, and kindness frequently brought people close to him. His speaking style was very simple and touching, and often left the audiences spellbound. His intellect with its logical approach helped bring science and religion together to make them complementary rather than contradictory. This approach is well reflected in the present book, which is a collection of his discourses. The aim of this book is to make people realize that their own actions (karmas) are the root cause of their suffering or happiness. To attain inner peace and have a blissful present and tomorrow, they need to act correctly, and if they want to know how to do this, this book is for them.