Lithuanian: A Comprehensive Grammar PDF Author: Meilutė Ramonienė
ISBN: 9781138063617
Category : Lithuanian language
Languages : en
Pages : 340

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Book Description
Lithuanian: A Comprehensive Grammar is a complete reference guide to modern Lithuanian grammar. It includes detailed treatment of all grammatical structures and parts of speech, and their semantic and grammatical categories: gender, number, case of nouns, adjectives, numerals and pronouns; degree of comparison of adjectives and adverbs; tense, mood, person, transitivity, aspect and voice of verbs. The morphology chapters describe the formation, inflection and use of the different forms of every part of speech. Under syntax the syntactic relations and types of sentences, the expression of questions and negation, comparison, word order and interpolation are described. All grammatical phenomena are illustrated with examples from the modern language. Descriptions of phonetics and accentuation as well as orthography and punctuation are also included. Lithuanian: A Comprehensive Grammar is an essential reference for learners and users of Lithuanian. It is suitable for independent study and use in schools, colleges, universities and adult classes of all types.