Is Time Travel Possible? Time Travel Twins. How to Time Travel. PDF Author: S C Hamill
Category : Juvenile Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 114

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Book Description
"What time is it?" "And what time is it through the human interstellar portal?" Amy and Fin know all about weird dreams... They get them all the time... What they don't know is that everyday life is about to change for them inextricably, and in so many ways... Ways that they could never have imagined? For one thing, they don't have the faintest idea about the human interstellar portal or their special genealogy and secret hidden powers. And for another, the missing Lorentz force law quantum equations written by James's Maxwell in 1861 must be found! After Grandad Joseph’s accident, young Amy and Fin are about to find their true calling as they attempt to find something else by embarking on an amazing, fun-filled and traveltastic adventure by commanding their secret capabilities faster than yesterday, and sooner than tomorrow! Because it's time... A time for new blood to flourish... A time to meet Poe... A time to greet Johnny Depp... A time to beseech Leonardo Da Vinci... A time to find the Teyler Museum of Wonder... A time to climb the statue of Science and Art ... A time to go through... Just me and you... Through the Human Interstellar Portal! Come and enjoy Amy and Fin’s snap-shot introduction into the amazing world of time-travel on their first cool, action-packed adventure through the human interstellar portal. Featuring the wonderfully idiosyncratic and charming Leonardo Da Vinci as himself, and the even more wonderfully unique Johnny Depp, as Jack Sparrow, and himself. A wonderful, action-packed time-travel adventure story for children, young adults and even adults!