Information Communication Technology and Education PDF Author:
ISBN: 9788190179904
Category : Educational innovations
Languages : en
Pages : 1420

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Book Description
The revolutionary impacts of information and communication technologies (ICTs) affects the way people live learn and work. A solid framework of ITrelated policies can change the way in which we interact, while promoting social and economic opportunities worldwide. ICT can contribute to childrenýs process of learning, how it can be integrated into a playbased curriculum and how it relates to key areas of learning such as collaboration, communication, exploration and sociodramatic play. The investigation concerns the issue of measuring governance at local government level especially in context of information age. It explains evolution of governance systems during agroindustrial age and the possible emergence of multidimensional governance in the information era. Information and communication technology (ICT) has become a major factor in shaping the new global economy and thereby producing the rapid process of changes in society. Teacher education institutions may either assume a leadership role in the transformation of education or be left behind in the rapid developments of technological changes. There are the radical implications of ICT for conventional teachinglearning processes. It discusses the challenges for ICT in the role of teacherýs education and guidelines to new generation of teachers and how to be wellprepared to use innovative tools and see dictionary pedagogies for learning. This volume comprehensively analyses the trends and challenges of the information age. Its main objective is to develop in students an understanding of strategy and competitiveness in the context of new economy, an ability to think strategically and make business judgments.