Dino Crisis - Project Timeline PDF Author: Chris Liberty
Publisher: Dino Crisis
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Languages : en
Pages : 468

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"We're stuck on a godforsaken island called Ilha da Morte, and some of our team members have died!" The terror in Chandra's voice rang through Gracen MacGregor's mind. She only heard seconds of the video call that dropped in and out, but she had to piece together the few coherent words if she was to rescue her friends. Somewhere in that serene but uncharted jungle quarantined by Brazil, they were stranded. Or worse... Gracen received permission to lead a Search & Rescue group to the mysterious island after a bit of arm-twisting, and since aircraft were not allowed near the island, she hired a ship to take her. While searching through the captain's phone, she discovered he and someone on Ilha da Morte were involved in whatever happened to her friends. But without knowing the full extent of the dangers awaiting them, it would be a struggle for survival in which some or all of them would die.