Beekeeping + Chicken Keeping PDF Author: Dawn Ballard
ISBN: 9781076213914
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Pages : 60

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Beekeeping + Chicken Keeping: Proven Tips on Keeping Bees And Chickens + Chicken Coops PlansBook 1Beekeeping: Easy How-to-Guide For Beginners On Keeping Bees and Getting Lot's of Honey Beekeeping is an immensely rewarding hobby. As a gardener, they help in pollinating your fruits, vegetables and flowers.Beekeeping is easy, and you have no course to be afraid of bees in any way. I think all you need is a little tip on how to get started and this is precisely why this book is written. It's written for you. Follow it a step at a time, and you will get to understand all you need to know about beekeeping in no time. Book 2Chicken Coops: Easy Chicken Coops Plans and Tips on Taking Care of You Flock Chicken coops are more than a hobby; they are a way of life. These coops when well maintained can provide an abundance of eggs, meat, and even fertilizer.Here in this book you will learn how it is you can build your own original chicken coop, as well as learn several valuable tips that will help you keep your chickens healthy and productive. You will learn how to feed and water your birds. How to ascertain the general state of their health and much much more!