The Backyard Homestead PDF Author: Micheal Peal
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781548590901
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Book Description
The Backyard Homestead: Growing and Feeding Your Chickens and Best Beekeeping Tips Book 1 Backyard Chickens For Beginners Build Your Own Chicken Coop, Learn To Feed & Care Naturally Raising your own chicken comes with so many benefits. Of course, having fresh and healthy eggs is one of these, but did you know that chickens make wonderful pets as well? Yes, you read that right. It is not strange for them to run to greet you when you go to them in the morning or to spend time around you while you are working in the garden. What is even more, they can help you out when it comes to gardening. They will keep away the pests that annoy your plants and will provide the best fertilizer for your garden. In this book, you will find detailed descriptions of the elements you need to think about when choosing the right breed for you. Then, you will learn how to set up your own brooder and take care of those fluffy chicks. While the chicks are growing up, you will have time to build a coop on your own. There's nothing to be worried about. The book gives you the detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to make a plan for your coop, and most importantly, how to build it. When the chicks start living in their new home, you will have to do one more thing - to decide on their diet. This is another thing you will find in a book - you will learn how, what and how much to feed your chickens to keep them healthy and make them lay eggs all year round. Chapter 1: Choose Your Breed Chapter 2: Build Your Brooder Chapter 3: Build the Coop Chapter 4: Learn to Feed Your Chickens Book 2 Beekeeping: Step-By-Step Guide For Beginner And Advanced Beekeepers As a child, it is likely your summers were plagued with the fear of getting stung by a bee. You loved to go to the park and play with your friends. You loved to have picnics and enjoy late night barbecues - but you were always on your guard for when one of those little striped insects came your way, and when one did, you resorted to the tried-and-true method of holding still until the danger had passed. But, you knew that bees weren't all bad. In fact, honey was - and is - one of your favorite things. Adding a tablespoon to your cereal in the morning, or perhaps adding a tablespoon to your tea now simply brightens your day, bringing in that sweet kick without you having to deal with all the complications of sugar. You know on the days you are feeling extra luxurious you go ahead and eat the honey straight off the spoon, understanding as you do that you are giving yourself a wonderful health boost as well as a satisfyingly sweet kick. If you use honey often, however, you know that it is very expensive. With even the smallest of jars costing up to $20, it's had to keep honey in your diet on a regular basis, though you know you desperately want to. So what are you going to do? Obviously, the answer is to make it yourself. While you can't actually follow a recipe to make your own honey, you can invest in another hobby that will give you all the honey you want - beekeeping. And that's where this book comes in. In it, you are going to discover everything you need to know about beekeeping, from understanding the colony to setting up a colony of your own, and how to handle the honey when it's time. Learn everything you need to know about beekeeping Learn how to get started with your own colony Learn how to take care of the harvest and the honey And much, much more!