Backyards + Beekeeping - 2 Books in 1 PDF Author: Joseph Brown
Publisher: Joseph Brown
ISBN: 9781802730913
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Languages : en
Pages : 226

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★ 55% OFF for Bookstores! ★Do you want to try raising chickens and bees in your backyard? Are you looking forward to harvesting honey right in your backyard, but are afraid that the bees may sting you? This book bundle is for you! You'll find: Book 1: Backyard Chickens - Preparing Your Home for Chickens: learn how to turn your backyard in living space for chickens and how to prepare your family for their arrival; - Choosing the Right Chicken Breed discover the various chicken breeds and decide which one is suitable for your needs; - Raising Chicks 101: the ultimate week-by-week for raising chicks and helping them grow into healthy chickens; - Preventing Chicken Disease: tips for eliminating the most common chicken diseases and keeping your fowl healthy; - Handling Chicken Eggs: a list of tips by experts that will teach you how to handle and store chicken eggs; - Starting an Egg Business: a guide for starting and running a thriving egg business and getting lots of customers. Book 2: Beekeeping The meaning of beekeeping and its history Information about bumblebees, its anatomy, and life cycle Steps to get started raising bees The clothing, supplies, and equipment needed The different styles of the hive and how to order the bees Methods for collecting honey and its benefits Common bee diseases, pests, and problems And so much more! Ready to start? Buy it NOW and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book!