Keep an Attitude of Gratitude and You Will Achieve Plenitude: Gratitude Journal with Quotes to Write Down Things You Are Thankful for Every Day PDF Author: Maria Cosin
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Keep an Attitude of Gratitude & you will achieve Plenitude is a notebook to help you cultivate an attitude of gratitude every day! If you adopt the philosophy of focusing on all the small positive things in your daily life and write down what you are thankful for, your mind will take the habit of being happy rather than sad and it is well known that a positive mind helps you achieve your goals and happiness. WHAT YOU GET WITH THIS JOURNAL: A gorgeous cover with exclusive design to inspire you. Some ideas of gratitude topics to help you start with gratitude journaling. 120 pages: daily thankful thoughts for more than a year (59 weeks). 2 inspirational quotes/week to inspire you. Space to write 3-4 things you are thankful for every day. A weekly overall grateful feeling barometer to see your improvements.Get your grateful journal and start seeing the good part of life every day and get more as a special gift! Get your grateful journal and start seeing the good part of life on a daily basis. Every day you have 2 choices: seeing your glass half empty or half full. It is up to you to choose which attitude you want...With this daily gratitude journal prompts with inspirational quotes, you will improve your positive attitude every day and will see the evolution and hopefully soon reach the habit of being grateful and leave sadness and frustration behind. And if you are grateful for someone's friendship, support, love..., this gratitude journal can be a really nice way to show him/her how blessed you feel about your relationship...