Microbial Physiology Genetics and Ecology PDF Author: Glen Pierce & Lynn Scott
Publisher: Scientific e-Resources
ISBN: 1839472731
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Languages : en
Pages : 308

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Book Description
Microbial Physiology retains the logical, easy-to-follow organization of the previous editions. An introduction to cell structure and synthesis of cell components is provided, followed by detailed discussions of genetics, metabolism, growth, and regulation for anyone wishing to understand the mechanisms underlying cell survival and growth. This comprehensive reference approaches the subject from a modern molecular genetic perspective, incorporating new insights gained from various genome projects. The major objective of this book is to identify and focus attention on those methods and concepts that contribute to an understanding of organismal or genetic persistence. In addition, information about microbial physiology, genetics and ecology contributing to persistence of microorganisms or the measurement of persistence will be discussed. Consequently, there is a great need for more baseline information concerning the ecology of microbes in the natural environment. In determining the underlying risks associated with the release of genetically engineered microorganisms, both the target of risk and the critical exposure level must be identified.